"Ako tahi Tātou, Tipu tahi Tātou, Together we Learn, Together we Grow"

Technology is changing fast and our education system needs to grow and adapt with it.

We are changing how we equip our children and young people to participate, create, and thrive in this fast-evolving digital world.

Pohutukawa using digital technologies to support their learning

Kowhai using ipads in the developmental skills rotation programme

The internet offers great insights and opportunities for learning. Our goal in providing success for students is to facilitate resource sharing and information accessing.

The internet access at Taita Central School is for the purpose of enhancing the learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, accessing research to support and assist with student learning.  

Learning about internet safety is an important skill to teach and the children need to be able to think critically about the information they are accessing.

At Taita Central School, the Year 0-2 students use ipads to support their learning, Year 3-4 students use a mix of ipads and netbooks and the Year 5-6’s use a range of devices including chromebooks.  By Year 5-6, students should be able to choose the most appropriate tool and programme to best support their desired outcomes.

What is Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko 

Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko is about teaching our tamariki and children how technology works, and how they can use that knowledge to solve problems.

Once this new curriculum is introduced, our kids won’t just be using devices like computers and smart phones. The changed curriculum will mean that schools will be teaching our young people the computer science principles that all digital technologies are built on.

Your child will benefit from having these future thinking skills.



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