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Enrolment & Emergency Contact Forms

Please feel free to download and print off the Enrolment, Emergency Contact  and Cybersafety forms below for Taita Central School.  If you have a Google account - Open in google Docs and you can fill it in on there. You can also e-mail it directly to the school at admin@taitacentral.school.nz . The Enrolment form contains the permission form for publication of your child’s artwork, written work & photos.


·         Talk to your child about starting school and encourage the use of kindergarten visits prior to starting school.

·         Help your child learn to put on his/her shoes and do them up.

·         Have clothing that is easy to manage, i.e. buttons, zip etc.

·         Label all clothing and footwear as well as other possessions.

·         Insist on obedience to essential rules at home and school.

·         Give your child duties to do around home, which need only one or two simple instructions.  This will give your child confidence to complete small tasks.  See that the task is completed.

·         Read to your child regularly.  Be sure that the child is listening.

·         Take your child on family outings to give him/her new experiences.

·         Discourage ‘baby talk’ and talk freely with your child.

·         Send your child to school on time each day.

·         Encourage your child by admiring his/her work when he/she brings it home.

·         Supervise any reading or homework set by the teacher.

·         Make sure your child has regular rest and sleep patterns.

·         Make sure your child knows the quickest, safest route to school.

·         Help your child take responsibility for his/her own school things.  i.e. pack own school bag with lunch, reading folder, library book, etc.

·         Help him/her to recognise his/her name in written form.


Enrolment Form


Cybersafety Agreement

When you have completed this enrolment Form, please bring it in with the following:

*    The Enrolment Form signed

*    Childs Birth Certificate

*    Childs Immunisation Record

*    Information on any relevant Health concerns

If you are not New Zealand born, please bring your Visa

If you have any queries or would like some guidance while completing this form, please just ask at the Office.


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